A Brief Introduction

Young Entrepreneur Connect (YEC) was founded in 2012. It was birthed under the premise that student entrepreneurs in South Africa needed an easier route to getting their ideas into actual startup businesses. YEC recognizes the number of student entrepreneurs working hard to get their startups going, as well as those who need to meet and liaise with the right people to form businesses. YEC aims to create the platform to link student entrepreneurs with fellow visionaries (who could potentially find their co-founders), practitioners in industry and academics studying entrepreneurship to help them get their idea/venture off the ground and take flight.

YEC believes that students are in the best positions to start businesses. Students today possess a great array of knowledge – be it technical, economical, financial, legal – students know it best. Students are also young, vibrant, and carry a great deal of fresh, exciting ideas that serve as solutions to real-world problems, equipped with a thorough analysis of the situation.

Entrepreneurship is the solution to most of South Africa’s economical problems. The ultimate vision of building a greater number of startup companies to enter the landscape of South Africa is at the cornerstone of this conference.

And who better to do that than students.

YEC is a one-of-a-kind conference that aims to be the benchmark for student entrepreneurship conferences.